Why cultures collide and what you can do about it
Sep 172014
The Two Fridas Playing

For years, we’ve tuned in to PRI’s “To the Best of Our Knowledge” most Sunday nights. So imagine our delight to be a guest on TTBOOK to discuss Clash! and how people navigate their many and often conflicting cultural identities. The line-up for the episode, called “Split Identities,” was top-notch, and included former Clinton speechwriter Eric Liu discussing his memoir A Chinaman’s Chance; and filmmaker Lacey Schwartz talking about her documentary, Little White Lie, which chronicles her discovery of her family’s deep dark secret: she is biracial. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

Apr 042014


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Oct 042013

Alana was chuffed to give a talk about CLASH! at the inaugural TEDx Pacific Palisades, whose theme was “From_____ to_____.” She shared, among other things, tales of her harrowing transition from working-class Memphis to Yale, a photograph of her at age 17 with her grandmother, and the story of how she got mixed up with Hazel Rose Markus in the first place. Kindly stab yourself and pass the dagger (which is an old British adage meaning “take some for yourself then pass it on”)!

Jul 232013

Alana sat down with radio legend Ronn Owens in his San Francisco studio to discuss CLASH! Ronn’s daughter is a country music lyricist in Nashville, and so Alana told him about her and Hazel’s studies of rock and country music lyrics, which show that rock music roils with themes of independence, while country music lilts with themes of interdependence. Ronn and Alana also managed to discuss all 8 conflicts in the course of their conversation. Have a listen here.

Jul 152013

Miami public radio’s “Topical Currents” hosted CLASH! authors Alana and Hazel on the eve of the Trayvon Martin case decision, wherein we explained not only why Blacks still think they are judged by the color of their skin, but also why they are right. We also had time to talk about less controversial topics, like religion and politics. Listen here.

Jul 052013

In this radio interview on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “The Joy Cardin Show,” Alana fields questions from several articulate callers, including one who asked, Why can’t we all just get over our cultures and agree to the underlying, fundamental Platonic ideals of truth, beauty, and justice? Hear Alana’s response, as well as her thoughts on whether people are getting ruder, what Wisconsin has in common with Texas, and why Alaskans are so independent.

Note: CLASH! does NOT argue that our cultures determine whether we are successful, as the intro claims.

May 162013

MSNBC’s “The Cycle” featured CLASH! on May 16. Alana talked about religion, politics, and why migrating from Tennessee to San Francisco makes you lose weight and change your hair. Special bonus: smart hosts Touré, S.E. Cupp, Ari Melber, and Krystal Ball. Click this post to watch the clip. N.B. When Alana says “global working,” she means “global warming.” Total rookie action….

May 062013

Media personalities from across the political spectrum are talking about CLASH!

Hear Alana discuss CLASH! with conservative commentator Rusty Humphries on his syndicated talk radio show, brought to you by Tea Party News Network. Practicing what Clash! preaches, Alana and Rusty bridge the independence-interdependence divide to explore cultural conflicts and what to do about them.